Send Snail Mail to loved-ones with Snailmalime Post Mail is part of 1 Percent For the Earth. Post Mail should be fun and environmentally friendly.Use's snail mail services to send post mail across the world.

Simple, easy, fast way to send your mail to your loved-ones

Send fully personalized post mail to multiple recipients with just a few clicks of the mouse.

Helping the environment by partnering with 1% For the Planet

A percentage of all profits is used to offset our environment footprint through our partnership with 1% for the Planet

Stay in touch with your distant friends with

With our international mailing capabilities , you will be able to send your message to almost anyone, anywhere in the world.


What happened to my credits?™ no longer uses credits, if you had previously bought credits, your account will have been credited the amount equivelant to what you had purchased minus the cost of any messages you have sent (Click here for more information}. If you had not bought credits, but had free ones, they have been well past their expiry date of 90 days and have now been removed from your profile.

How Secure is Your Online Payment System?™ uses Beanstream Electronic Payment Processing for processing all of our online orders. Our understanding is that Beanstream is Canada's leading provider of online authentication and electronic payment solutions. As such, Beanstream requires that we meet stringent internet security standards in order to ensure the integrity of all transactions. To find out more about Beanstream's service, please visit their website at

How does™ Work? When you send an item through™, your message is first created digitally on a secure™ server. Next, your message is securely transferred to our automated processing stage, where your message is printed, placed in an envelope, sealed, has postage applied, and then sent to Canada Post ( where it is then delivered by mail.

How private are my™ Messages? We have built™ with the objective of ensuring you a reasonable and industry standard level of privacy and confidentiality. Your messages are created and processed within an automated and secure environment, requiring almost no human intervention. This is a risk control process to keep your messages private and confidential from creation to delivery. To find out more about how™ approaches privacy issues, please see our Privacy Policy.

What do your prices include? The price of the credits that you purchase and use to send™ Messages covers various costs. They include, but are not necessarily limited to; processing of your message both digitally and physically, high-quality paper stock, printing costs, shipment to Canada Post, and postage.

How long does it take for a™ Message to arrive? Snailmailme Messages are normally processed the day after they are created and submitted on our website. After being processed, Snailmailme Messages are then sent to Canada Post within 1-2 business days and processed according to their world-class postal standards. For more information on Canada Post delivery times, please visit

What happens if I need to get an old message resent to me so I know what I wrote? After you have submitted an order on™ we will email you an order confirmation, including a PDF attachment of the message you have just created. If you have deleted, or otherwise lost this email confirmation, please contact us and provide us with the details of the message you are trying to recover. Please note that for security reasons we purge our system of old messages regularly and cannot guarantee that we will be able to retrieve a Snailmailme Message.

Why does my image appear pixelated in the PDF preview? Two probable solutions are as follows: First try adjusting the zoom on the PDF preview to 100%. This will give you the most accurate preview of what your Snailmailme Message will look like once it is printed. If your image still appears pixelated, try uploading a higher quality image; if your image file has a low resolution, the image will appear pixelated when set to fit the print area. Furthermore, for best results, we recommend uploading images with a minimum resolution of 300 dpi and dimensions of 1800px by 1200px (for photos) and 1800px by 1350px (for postcards).

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