Send Snail Mail to loved-ones with Snailmalime Post Mail is part of 1 Percent For the Earth. Post Mail should be fun and environmentally friendly.Use's snail mail services to send post mail across the world.

Simple, easy, fast way to send your mail to your loved-ones

Send fully personalized post mail to multiple recipients with just a few clicks of the mouse.

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A percentage of all profits is used to offset our environment footprint through our partnership with 1% for the Planet

Stay in touch with your distant friends with

With our international mailing capabilities , you will be able to send your message to almost anyone, anywhere in the world.

Need Assistance?™ uses icons to help you navigate through your post mail experience, in order for you to better understand what buttons to press and way-find your way through using™, we've provided a list describing the actions of each icon.

SaveSave: Probably the most used™ icon, it will be your method to update, re-save, and save new information for addressbooks, account details and when composing each part of your post mail messages. If you are ever in doubt if you have successfully saved something, simply hit this icon and you will be of sound mind.

View your Address BookView Your Address Book: The address book is your essential tool to manage your contacts, friends, family and loved ones. Before you can begin sending a Snail Mail, you need to first create a contact (receipient) for the message. In order to successfully create a contact that can receive mail, you will have to completely fill out their personal address information. Visit your address book to see which friends you can send mail to, delete contacts, upload contacts and add contacts.

Add a ContactAdd a Contact to Your Address Book: Adding contacts is as easy as filling out your personal phone book. Simply fill in the fields that you have information for and begin sending post mail. However, all address fields must be filled out in order to successfully send a Snail Mail to a loved one. Once you sign up to™, Adding a Contact is one of the first things you should do.

Upload ContactsUpload Contacts to your Address Book: To make adding contacts much more convenient for you, we have a simple tool to upload .CSV files with all your contacts information so you don't have to manually enter each persons information. Here is an example .CSV file to follow. Simply create an Excel file with the headings found the attached ZIP file, copy over your information into the new Excel file, hit Save As, and under 'Save as Type' be sure to select CSV. Then upload your contacts, its that easy.

Delete a ContactDeleting Your Contacts: Be advised that once a contact has been deleted from your address book, their information can not be retrieved. From the address book, click on the person's information of interest to you to edit their details. Hit this icon in order to delete them from your post mail address book.

Receipient can Receive MailReceipient can Receive Mail: From your address book this icon represents that this receipient has all the necessary information in order to receive a Snail Mail. By clicking this icon you will automatically be sent to the composition page to decide which post mail product to send your loved one, and they will automatically be selected as a receipient when you reach Step 1 of the process.

Receipient can NOT Receive MailReceipient can NOT Receive Mail: From your address book this icon represents that this receipient does not have all the necessary information to receive a Snail Mail. Either they are missing address, city, state, country or postal code information which is mandatory in order for™ to successfully send your post mail message.

PreviewPreview Information: Throughout™ this icon appears, it represents previews of information. For instance when you begin composing your Snail Mail message this icon will display an example of the message you are about to create, while during the composition process the Preview Icon will display information that you have currently saved, such as the photo you have uploaded or the contacts who will receive the message.

CostCost of Post Mail: Cost of Post Mail:™ is not yet a free product, and by hovering over this price check option, you are given an overview of the cost of each receipient receiving the corresponding product.

DeleteDelete: While composing your post mail message, this icon will appear from time to time as a way to remove the saved element from you message. When you upload an image or save a signature to be placed into the message, this icon will appear. By clicking it, you will effectively delete it from your message. Note: hitting the delete button for signatures does not remove the signature from your profile, just the message you are currently creating.

NextNext Step: The blue right pointing button is selected each time you believe you are ready to move onto the next step of the composition of your snail mail.™ will make sure you have filled out all the required elements and direct you as needed. Its the arrow to follow to send your Snail Mail message.

PreviousPrevious Step: Sometimes you advance through the process and realize you want to alter your post mail message in some way. Click this previous button and be taken to the previous step to make the necessary alterations, this method is much better to use instead of your browser's 'Back' button.

Process your OrderProcess your Order: Once you have completed creating your snail mail, the final step is to hit the process order button. Processing the Order prevents you from going back to make any alterations and you will be charged the total amount notified. After this step, just sit back and let™ print and mail your message to your loved one.

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