Send Snail Mail to loved-ones with Snailmalime Post Mail is part of 1 Percent For the Earth. Post Mail should be fun and environmentally friendly.Use's snail mail services to send post mail across the world.

Simple, easy, fast way to send your mail to your loved-ones

Send fully personalized post mail to multiple recipients with just a few clicks of the mouse.

Helping the environment by partnering with 1% For the Planet

A percentage of all profits is used to offset our environment footprint through our partnership with 1% for the Planet

Stay in touch with your distant friends with

With our international mailing capabilities , you will be able to send your message to almost anyone, anywhere in the world.

How We Calculated Your Credit Value™ has decided to remove the credit system and is providing post mail creation purchasing (after you create your message you will be prompted for billing information. As a result we have calculated a credit to everyones account that had purchased credits. Heres how we did it:

(Total Credits Purchased / Total Paid [including taxes]) - Cost per Mailing Made.

The cost of each mailing was devised by calculting the original cost per credit ($1) times the number of credits required for the mailing of each specific product to each specific global location.

This may be very confusing and we are happy to help with any enquiries, simply email us at: